Introducing : Beautiful Spaces.


Blessings and clearings for spaces such as home or office.

We all feel energy, it affects us daily whether we are aware of it or not. If you have ever felt uplifted or at peace when entering a space, or, at the other end of the spectrum, tired, perhaps confused, or just heavy.


This energy is what your picking up on.

The goal of Beautiful Spaces is to assist you in creating a space full of peace, calm and harmony.

Ideal for us all.. so, if you are feeling unsettled, perhaps, there's been a lot of transition, illness, or your looking to rent a space, sell a space, recently moved or in the process of moving.


This is an ideal way to help to bring more peace, joy and calm.

Energy clearing is as important as cleaning house. 


Year after year, emotions and events leave imprints and vibrations that hinder positive energy flow.


Illness, arguments, gossip, negative thoughts, violence and death all create stagnation and energy blocks in an environment. The good news is - this is not permanent, it can be changed .


Exposure to this dense energy can rob you of peaceful sleep and increase stress and anxiety.

Offering an introductory special:

$199 1 room

$399 up to 4 rooms (3000 sq. ft.)

adding $100 for every 500 sq. ft.

Included: You will receive up to 2-4 hours of blessings & clearing-depending on the size of the space.


Using combination of tools, prayers, mantras, sage, oils, sound therapy and more depending on what the individual space requires.


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