Take Heart Yoga- Guide to Classes

New- You’ve Never Done Yoga Before- Start here:

Or, if you’re in the mood to take it slow & decompress. Ideal classes if you’ve had an injury, you’re a senior, you have anxiety, high blood pressure, or simply want to unwind.

  • Yoga 101: Poses, Light Flow & Extended Savasana

  • Restorative Yoga & Aromatherapy

  • Flow & Restore

  • No Stress Yoga

  • Gentle Flow & Restorative w/ all instructors

  • Chakra Yoga w/ Karen

  • Yin Yoga w/ Aromatherapy w/ Theresa

No Yoga Experience, You Want To Get Your Heart Rate Up

No Yoga experience necessary for these classes, overall good health is recommended.

  • Body Song Pilates w/ Tetiana

  • Body Sculpt

  • Yoga Sculpt

  • Buti Sculpt

You’ve Done Yoga a Handful of Times-Overall Good Health: Or, your ready to be curious.

Each Class and Instructor Offers Something Different-Try them all and find your favorites.

  • Barefoot Yoga All Levels

  • Power Flow Yoga

  • Vin & Yin -

Restorative Is Good For So Many - New to Experienced:

A Very Therapeutic Style of Yoga: you will do light poses, stretching and breath work.

  • Restorative Yoga & Aromatherapy

  • Gentle Flow & Restorative

Specialty Yoga for : Trauma, Anxiety, PTSD, or those looking for overall peace.

  • T.R.Y. Trauma Recovery Yoga aka Total Resilience Yoga classes provide a “do no harm” yoga-based practice which emphasizes four key themes during the practice including experiencing the present moment (presence), exercising choice (empowerment), taking effective action (resilience), and creating internal rhythms and positive affirmations (mindfulness). The T.R.Y. method emphasizes an individuals choice to experience yoga at their pace to their preference level (even if that means sitting still and breathing with the group and nothing more). You will leave this class with a feeling of all over well being and take tools with you that you can use on or off the mat to reconnect with that feeling.  Coming Soon...

Playful Practice Family Yoga-Returning Next Summer

A light hearted way to spend time together.

Please remember our goal is to make you feel comfortable, the classes are small, the instructors are amazing and you'll feel right at home. No pressure- no expectations. If all you do on your yoga mat is breath, your doing yoga.


Take Heart Yoga

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